Bonnet Roofing

Bonnet roofingBonnet roofs are also well known as kicked eaves. In case of bonnet roofing, all sides of the house have double sloping. Many of the times it is considered as the modified form of gable roof or hip roof. The upper field of the bonnet roof has a steep pitch where as the lower field of the bonnet roof has a shallower pitch. You might want to know why bonnet roof is known as kicked eaves. The reason behind it is that the shallow slope of the bonnet roof generally hangs over the home and it becomes the covering of the porch and that’s why it is also called as kicked eave.

The porch covering of the open side is usually the overall reason behind a bonnet roof because the bonnet roof style is not as much popular as the hip style roofs and gable style roofs. The culture of bonnet roofing is more prevalent in the French vernacular architecture more widely found in Louisiana and along the river Mississippi. Constructing bonnet roof is not such an easy task. Bonnet roof construction is comparatively more complex and challenging than other roof styles. And due to its complexity its expenditure is also high. If you are opting for bonnet roofs, than it would be advisable to hire an expert roofer that too specifically expert in case of bonnet roofing. Specially made trusses must be put into their place for more convenience. Bonnet roofing is just like reverse mansard roofs.

This bonnet roofing style is considered to be best if you are covering a porch. This bonnet roofing style is very famous among the Cajun and Creole builders which were prevalent in the late 18th century. Bonnet roofing is also very much rampant in the Cape Cod and Massachusetts. Now I think that very much aware about bonnet roofing and have a brief idea and knowledge about bonnet roofs. Thus, for more detailing you should check out its pros and cons to build the perfect view of bonnet roofing.


If you are in the need of more space you must opt for bonnet roofs as it provides extra space for a small attic or loft space or even for vaulted ceilings. It also gives you chance to fix up dormers and side windows to add up to the aesthetic looks of the house. The walls of the house are also protected from the water damage because of the overhanging eaves. Along with walls the porches are also protected. There is no collection of water as it runs off the slope easily. Thus there is also no water collection.


The construction work is difficult and complex. More building material is required and thus it increases the cost also. Thus it is expensive. It is believed factor that water easily runs off but still it creates a valley where two slopes meet up. Due to this snow and water pool is caused. Added precaution should be taken to waterproof those areas.

Suggested materials

Bonnet roofs are compatible with any materials including the metal, shingles and natural stone.




Reasons For Roof Leaks

Roof leaksWhen you detect leak in the roof, the first step you take is calling professional home inspectors for examination of your roof leaks. In order to prevent this from happening, build your roof using general steel. Home inspectors does not start from the attic, instead they start from the ground with a pair of binoculars. This not because they don’t want to climb the roof or they are afraid of heights, it is because they are searching for the most common signs of roof leaks which are missing shingles, skylights and plumbing escape, holes made by animals or birds and so on. After that they check out in the attic for more signs of damage. You can also do this job yourself of detection by checking out the points mentioned below.

  • Plumbing Penetrations

Builders are aware of the fact the running a pipe through the roof is just like making a hole in a boat and then patching it up with the help of a rubber plug. But this job has to be done. Usual penetrations consist of plumbing vent pipes, attic vents, ventilation fan ducts and exhaust fuels for appliances. The large sources for roof leaks are worn or cracked rubber boots and metal flashing around pipes and flues are among the most usual leak generating sources.

  • Flashing

You might be wondering what is flashing. Flashing is nothing but a covering of seam or transition point in a roof which is made up of thin metal sheet, strip, fitting or angle. Flashing is the best possible outcome for a roof specifically while comparing it with transitions. At any point where flashing is damaged or corroded, roof leak starts to take its way. Flashing should be for sure present in all penetrations, dormers, valleys and especially where your roof and wall meets.

  • Shingle damage

Shingle is also one of the basic causes for roof leaks. Shingles are not such material which lasts forever. With the passage of time, older the shingles be, more extreme are the chances of getting it damaged. Old shingles have more chances to fail and the reason behind it is crack in shingle, some go missing, while others are cupped and damaged. If you ask for cap shingles which are placed along the peak and ridges have more chances to blow off in a wind storm and are easy to flow off.

  • Ice dams

Ice dams are a serious problem in those places which faces heavy snow fall. When snow fall occurs, ice dames re caused and this is because of warm attic which melts the snow on the roof. The melted snow which is now converted into water runs down to the cold eave and then gets freeze there. Due to this the ice backs are created under the shingle and then gradually it melts and falls into your house. You can get rid of this problem by better insulation and effective air sealing. Effective ventilation in the attic is also one of the solutions. It helps to keep the attic cool and thus snow does not melt.

Door closer basics

Door closer basicsDo you feel irritated when someone walks into your room and leaves the door wide open? Looking for a device that will automatically close your door each time one opens it? If so installing a door closer is the best way to deal with this problem. These are most commonly found in commercial buildings, but off late it is also popularly used in homes as well. Now, depending on what you want, there are different types of door closers available in the market. They can either be surface mounted, concealed in frame or concealed in floor.

Surface mounted closers can be of four different variants namely, regular arm, slide track arm, parallel arm and top mounted. The closers which are of overhead type are usually of this category. Usually mounted within the door pocket, these closers can be also be mounted directly in the floor, right below the pivot region, thus completely concealed. A small box is attached to the top corner of the door and an arm joining the box and door helps to pull it back when opened.

This system can be automatic as well as manual. The manual variant is way cheaper than the automated one and is more popular. In case of the manual one the jamb which is installed on door over head acts directly using stored energy and air pressure. Each time someone opens the door, this device will store some energy, which is later used to close the door automatically. Unlike this version, the automated one uses electrical power to close the door once it is opened.

Advantage of door closers:

Perfect for maintaining privacy and for security, door closers have become much in vogue. It is also a must have attachment in case of fire doors, since this kind of doors must always be latched during times of fire.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slate Roofing

slate roofingThere are different roofing methods which have established their grounds in the market of construction. Talking about the looks or the materials which are used in the roofing methods, the design, natural or the man made materials, etc all types and requirements are fulfilled by the roofing contractor of the home owners. Some of the home owners want the roof to be more useful and simple which does not intend more of their investment while some home owners wants their roof must look elegant and appropriate to the foundation of their home. Many of the roofing methods such as the metal roofing, slate roofing, wood roofing, glass roofing, etc which increase the look as well as the maintenance of the roof.

The home owners who wants to install a roofing method which cost the less expenditure and which can sustain for a longer period of time on the top surface of the house is the slate roofing. This roofing method has many advantages which can increase your interest to install and place it as the roof of home.

Advantages of Slate roofing:

  • The main and foremost advantage of installing slate roofing as your roof is its extensive and long span of life. Slate roofing can sustain and is durable for more than eighty years which is totally beneficial to the home owners.
  • Slate roofing is amongst the oldest roofing methods which are still prevailing in today’s trend. Not only that but there are different styles and structures available in the market for the slate roofing which increase the look of the roof as well as it lasts for long period of time which is more beneficial to the home owners.
  • Slate is made up of natural elements and composition. Another name of slate roofing is tone roofing which is naturally build up and no man made materials are used for structuring it, so slate roofing is eco friendly in nature and does not harm environment as compared to other roofing methods.

Disadvantage of Slate Roofing:

  • Slate roofing is considered to be more expensive than compared to other roofing methods because the materials which are used in installing the roof is more expensive as the stones are cut into the strips or the shingles and accordingly placed on the roof which needs more of workers for the same.
  • Additional support is to be attached to the slate roofing because it is heavier in weight as compared to other roofing methods. This support will assure the roof to be on place but this will include more of cost expenditure.
  • As slate roof is prepared of natural composition there are more chances of algae and moss in the roof due to the water accumulation of drainage in the roof. Moss and algae grasps more of natural tiles and accumulate at the tiles or the shingles placed on the roof which can damage the roof and also the attic and the interiors of the roof.
  • Proper and regulate maintenance of the slate roofs are mandatory so that it does not gets damaged and can sustain for a long period of time.

Wrought Iron Or Wood Fencing

Wood FencingAre you planning a new fence for your home and looking for the right fencing material? Well, when it comes to fencing materials, the most prominent options are wood and wrought iron fencing. Now, both the options have their own appealing characteristics. How to choose between wood & wrought iron for fencing? Read ahead.


If aesthetics is a concern for your fence, wrought iron would score over wood. Wooden fence features a simplistic feel while the other option is very classy, artistic and stylish- the perfect fit for a beautiful home in a posh neighborhood.


Wooden fence is always an apt selection if you are looking for ultimate privacy. The timber options offer better privacy in comparison to wrought iron and has proved to block off even the most noisy neighbors.


Both wood and wrought iron fencing offers solid security but if you are looking best secured fencing, look no further than wrought iron  guards. The wrought iron options are sharper and more difficult to climb upon, in comparison to wood. In fact, if you are staying in a crime prone area, wrought iron fencing is a must to ward off the unwanted break-ins in your property.


Wood is always regarded for durability and wooden fence lasts really long. But the wrought iron fencing is any day more durable than the wooden ones.


Wooden fencing is always less expensive in relation to the wrought iron counterparts.


In regards to maintenance, wrought iron fencing might call for a costly repair service but since these fences last really strong, the repair incidents are rare. In case of wooden fences, wood is easier and cheaper to repair.

Finally, it can be said that wrought iron fencing scores over the wooden ones in several aspects but if you have serious issues with cost, the wooden ones would be fine as well.

Vinyl Flooring Over Marble Flooring

Vinyl FlooringIn 1933 vinyl flooring was first used, due to regular wars they stopped its use. However in the 40s and 50s vinyl floor tiles came into use all over again mainly because of its long lasting and easy to clean nature.

Vinyl has a lot of advantages. It is a form of plastic which is easily biodegradable than other forms of plastic and releases lower emissions during its inception. It used less natural resources while its manufacture. It is also called polyvinyl chloride resin and is made from an ethylene. It comes in both sheet and tile form. The sheet form is used over another form usually and it best when used over marble flooring. Its waterproof nature resists the marble from coming into contact with water thus making the marble floor long lasting and not easily damages. Vinyl flooring is mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl is very resistant to hard wearing thus an ideal material to be used in heavily trafficked areas. Since it is very easy to maintain, cheap and easily available vinyl is also used in medical facility centres too.

Modern vinyl flooring is improving over time. It is designed in such a manner that it withstands stains from different forms of stain giving substances. It is also extremely long lasting with an unbelievable good capacity to withstand moisture. It is best when spread over even areas making marble flooring an ideal option over which vinyl can be spread. Another very important property of vinyl flooring is that it has anti-slip properties unlike any other kind of flooring making vinyl a very healthy flooring option.

The cut roll of vinyl brought from the shop can be easily put loosely on the floor or be glued too if that is preferable by you over your already existing marble floor.

Tips to Follow before Buying a Shower

Buying a ShowerPrior to go to any local storefront to buy a shower, you should follow some tips. First of all, you will have to choose the best shower system. Therefore, you must collect necessary information about the construction, model type, size and the warranty provision.

How to Buy Cheap and Energy-efficient Showers ?

As in the online shops, different showers are stored for sale, you need to do surveys. New showers are attractive and the color matching is also excellent. However, in terms of basic functionalities, showers of different brands don’t perform equally. You will have to hit your internet for navigation. On the other hand, you can’t ignore the money saving option. Choose the cheap showers which are durable and functional. Online stores give excellent bonanza offers on portable showers which spray water smoothly. Besides, at the online storefronts, you will get multi jet showers, hand held mini-shower and lot more. Online gallery displays the latest models of showers. You can throw a quick glance at the store for checking snapshots of hi-tech showers.

If it is a steam shower, buyers should know about power voltage. Basically, the best energy efficient steam shower generally runs on approximately 220 Voltage. The solid body of the electrical shower is insulated with the rubber band for preventing the short circuit. These light weight showers perform marvelously. Sophisticated water showers must have five year long warranties. The miniature showers are easy to maintain. The designs and colors of your bathroom decor fixtures must be eye soothing. To change the look of the bathroom, you should install ultra fashionable multi-jet or steam shower for the bathroom decor. In this connection, read product reviews. Many online storefronts launch the surveys. If buyers participate into these short market surveys, they win prizes. So to get free coupons for cost effective shopping, accept such a wonderful offer.

Tips to keep your kitchen clean

kitchen cleanKitchen is the only place in your house which is meant to be most hygienic. But at the same time, this is the only place where you find the dried nuts and the stinking breads which makes it extremely dirty. As it is a fact that a dirty kitchen reflects a bad impression of you towards the visitors, at the same time, a dirty kitchen is known as the room for bacteria which harm human beings badly. So it is quite necessary to follow simple tips to keep your kitchen hygienic.

If the utensils in the kitchen are cleaned as they are used, then piles of utensils will not be there in the sink which allows bacteria and mould to grow. The hot pots and pans should be brought in room temperature and if cleaned then immediately after cooking, the kitchen will look clean and healthy. If you end you day will a clear sink with no utensils in it, you will feel fresh the next morning while you enter the kitchen.

Another tip to keep the kitchen clean is by not putting too many containers on the countertops. These jars and containers cannot be removed easily if there are many and thus dirt sticks to the corners and in between the containers. You should make proper cabinets to keep the jars and containers, so that the countertop is kept clean always.

Your stove should be cleaned regularly after use to keep the kitchen clean. Even if you are working and cannot spend so much time to clean the stove every day, you should definitely try doing it after every 2 weeks. Too much of gap will make the work difficult for you if hard stains accumulate on the stovetop. A mixture of apple vinegar and baking soda may help you cleaning the stains on the stove. The cloth that you use for cleaning your kitchen appliances should be made of cotton or any other soft material. Sponges should be strictly avoided because harmful bacteria grow well in it.

Wall Clocks- Adding Charm To Your Home

Wall ClocksWall clocks are still famous among the homeowners because these actually remind us of the era in which craftsmanship was an integral part of our lives than technology. These clocks have the unique ability to attract people even if they do not want to look at them. Wall clocks were used in the traditionally designed homes earlier. But nowadays these are used in contemporary homes as well. Wall clocks do not only serve the purpose of telling the time but also act as an essential decorative accessory in modern day homes.

Most of the wall clocks are made out of expensive and rare wood. Some are even composed of metals such as brass and iron. In contrast to the modern clocks that work on batteries, the wall clocks function on the basis of the mechanical movements of pendulum and weight. However, technology has made available several wall clocks that are also powered by electrical batteries. Due to the great looks and adaptability, the wall clocks are increasingly used as modern decorations and most of the people call them artwork.

The major types of wall clocks are the musical wall clocks, pendulum wall clocks, antique wall clocks, grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, old English clocks, aviation clocks and so on. The wall clocks are available in a variety of extraordinary designs and are used not only in the homes but offices and other commercial establishments.

You can get hold of wall clocks from any of the local clock stores. Another source of good quality and beautiful wall clocks are the online stores. The antique wall clocks are generally bought by the people from the online stores only. Wall clocks have become a medium of expressing the personality and style of the homeowner. These actually have the ability to add charm and vigor in any dull room.

Color Finishing – a little bit on the needed sheen in your home

room colorColor is not the only thing when it comes to a paint job. No paint project is complete without a sheen finish and this “finish” is the one that begets the needed finesse to your paint job. The paint finish covers a versatile range, each with its own unique appeal and use. The post here is a little overview on varied forms of color finishes.
Let’s start with flat finish. Flat finish refers to a matte form of sheen which helps to absorb light & helps in lurking the surface imperfections. It represents a chalky appearance and would be best for the ceilings & high-traffic areas where lap marks and irregularities are common. Flat finish involves minimal splatter & can resist the gradual yellowing over the years.

Next to flat you have eggshell finish and semi-gloss finish. The eggshell finish involves a tad more luster in comparison to flat paint and is generally preferred given its excellent scrubability advantage. Thus, eggshell finish is good if you have pets or kids in the house- the main contributors of wall stains. Semi-gloss is brighter than eggshell, without being too shiny. These are best for smaller rooms as a semi-gloss finish can light up your chamber, creating the illusion of a spacious ambience. The interior decorators also suggest the semi gloss finish for bathrooms, kitchens & closet doors. Much like the eggshell finish, the semi-gloss finish also promises great scrub ability and simpler to clean. Moreover, a semi-gloss finish is always durable.

Besides, you have the high-gloss option. High-gloss finish is generally advised for deep, jewel-toned shades such as navy blues, forest greens and reds. However, you must know that a higher sheen can actually disclose the flaws in your home and hence it’s best to use it on flawless surfaces. Try to avoid high-gloss on walls and you better count on it for the doors.